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CosTalk LIVE (aka CTL) is a Cosplay Talk Show that streams LIVE weekly (12 PM MST).
We are a group of cosplay friends who LOVE sharing our experiences with others. Each week we feature a new cosplay theme or topic; we also invite industry guests to share their knowledge with our fans. Meet our members below!

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CTL Members

Moana by Jinx Cosplay - Photo by Ty Ng

Jinx Cosplay

I'm Jinx, a cosplayer since 2001! I've been taking on bigger challenges and more opportunities to grow in my cosplay. In addition, I take great pride in sharing my process and helping others in their cosplay journeys

Sarah by Ambrose Cosplay - Photo by Bros N Cons

Ambrose Cosplay

I’m a teacher and life-long learner who specializes in cosplay, needlework, props, and accessories! I am currently learning digital art, fashion illustration, and foam armor construction.

Kii-Chan Cosplay

I'm Kii-chan, and have been cosplaying since 2009. I've done a little bit of everything from panels to skits, but my favorite place in the world of cosplay is in the workshop trying out new building techniques! 
When I'm not in cospaly you can catch me making adventures for DnD5e.

Grandmaster by ThermoCosplay - Photo by Kincart Photography


We aim to educate, communicate and share with others our knowledge and love of cosplay. We have hosted panels across the Southwest on Cosplay, Anime, Pop Culture Trends & SFX DIY. Join us on our journeys!

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