2021 Streams

Here you'll find ALL of the streams from 2021 along with a weekly recap of last week's stream!

Weekly Recap

Last week the spirited J-Sythe Customs joined us on the stream to chat about unconventional materials! Here are some of the materials we mentioned...

  • Foam Clay: Malleable form of HD Foam that can be used in molds, sculpted and manipulated as easily as normal clay!
  • Protein Cans/Pringles Cans: Used for tube like formations. Easy to glue, easy to paint and lightweight!
  • Nail Polish: Great for getting a strong, durable shine on small objects and/or for painting the back of translucent gems!
  • Yarn: This may seem normal but what about turning it into fur for the head of a boar?! Yarn can be brushed out and turned into "hair" for an inexpensive alternative to fur or wigs.
  • Latex/Silicone/Creature Cast Rubber: On the more advanced side of things, these can be used for prosthetic appliances, to seal armor bound to experience high friction and even to create unusual textures on skin, armor or fabric!
  • Strontium Aluminate: Need to get your costume glowing, even in sunlight? Check out this incredible powder. It charges in sunlight and gives off a slight shine when in direct light. Step into a dark room and people will think you've hidden a black light in your clothes! It can be mixed with fabric glue or paint for easy application.

2021 Stream List

CosTalk LIVE Episode 36: Unconventional Materials

CosTalk LIVE Episode 35: Foam Smithing

CosTalk LIVE Episode 34: Wig Dyeing and Styling

CosTalk LIVE Episode 33: Growing Up Cosplay