CosSwap Mart

July 8th, 2023

CSM at UwU Nights

CosSwapMart (CSM), UwU Nights Edition, is being produced by CosTalk Live (CTL) , a group of cosplay friends who host a livestream every Sunday to talk about all things cosplay. Many of our viewers and followers have expressed a need for an avenue to sell their smaller market wares. This event focuses on artists, cosplayers and makers who typically sell their wares at “flea” market style events, in artist alley at conventions OR through a small, online sales platform with limited reach.

CosSwapMart is designed to have a more farmer’s market / swap meet feel that is also family-friendly. 

LOCATION: 6321 S Ellsworth Rd,  Suite 146, Mesa, AZ 85212

Vendor Guidelines


  • No equipment supplied. Vendors will be responsible for providing their own tables, tents, and displays. Spaces will be defined with blue tape and assigned. There will be no electricity access available. Be advised that this event will take place indoors.
  • Vendors will be required to provide their own 4’ or 6’ table to help define their space. The 6’ space is limited to only 1 vendor.
  • Vendors may bring partitions and fixtures as long as they fit within their designated space and are not a hindrance to other vendors.
  • CSM, CTL and UwU Nights are not responsible for any transaction(s) made between vendors and customers. 
  • Set up will begin at 11 am on Saturday, July 8th, 2023. Vendors must be completely set up by 12 pm. Breakdown will begin no earlier than 7:30pm. 

Selling Guidelines



The purpose of CosSwapMart is to give the geek and pop culture community a place to sell their secondhand and handmade goods.

  • A majority of your goods must relate to the geek and pop culture community.
  • Second hand items in good, saleable condition (i.e. gaming systems, figures, manga, etc)
  • Handmade items 
  • Custom artwork and products of your artwork (i.e. prints, stickers, shirts, pins, keychains, etc)
  • Cosplay items that are for specific characters or regular clothing and accessories that have been or can be used in cosplay
  • Normal clothing that fall relate to the geek and pop culture community.


  • Pornographic material. Risqué and boudoir items are allowed but must be covered or censored.
  • Intimate items, such as underwear and bras
  • Items that appear dirty or damaged
  • New goods in multiple quantities (retail shops)
  • Having only goods not related to the geek and pop culture community
  • Multi-level marketing goods, such as Colorstreet, Paparazzi, Origami Owl, LulaRoe, etc. (Please note: if you have personally owned items from these companies and the like with the intention of your personal use, these items are accepted for second hand resale.) 

Vendor Fees


CTL operates out of our own pockets, but we are not looking for profit. We are currently working on just maintaining our website and broadcast studio.


  • $10

Fee payment will be required upon approval of application. Payment will only be accepted electronically via Venmo, Paypal. Payment is non-refundable but is transferable. If you are not able to fulfill your space, you can transfer your payment to someone else as long as their application is approved. 


Each vendor is responsible for their own transactions. CosSwapMart, CosTalk Live and UwU Nights will not be liable for any transaction or trade interaction between vendors and customers. Please use caution and good judgment in your transactions. 



I’m a cosplayer and I want to sell my prints, am I allowed to do so?

  • Yes, as long as you own the rights to sell your prints and they follow the guidelines.

I’m a photographer, can I sell my prints?

  • Yes, as long as you own the rights to sell your prints and they follow the guidelines. (For example, if you have prints of cosplayers you may sell them as long as you have legal right to do so.)

Can a minor be a vendor?

  • No, but a minor may be present and assist a vendor who is an adult.

Can I have helpers in my stall?

  • Yes, but if we suspect that there are more vendors than what was agreed upon, we reserve the right to take action to rectify the situation.

I used to sell <insert MLM company here> and now I have a lot of overstock. Can I sell those?

  • No.

Can I cosplay as a vendor?

  • Sure, why not! Just be aware that this is a family friendly event.

Are dogs allowed?

  • Unfortunately, pets are not permitted inside Legacy Park's Convention space.

I have a cosplay that was made by someone else. Am I allowed to sell it?

  • Second hand cosplays are acceptable, regardless if  it was factory or handmade. Just know it is in bad taste to claim to have made something that you did not.

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